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3 de junio de 2009

I want to improve my english. I want to pass this exam

Along this year I've tried to pass this subject, and now I think that It's possible, but I always have the same problem... I don't know what I need to study for pass the exam with a better mark than a five.
The teacher use to say that we can improve our English doing redactions... unfortunately this is the first redaction I do, the exam is at twelve o'clock and I'm so worried, because I know that I haven't done the best as I can for improve my English mark, however I'm optimist.

Now I'll write about all the things I find important for pass this exam:
I make myself pass this exam, it means that I have to pass this exam. Sometimes my laziness doesn't let me study, and in this sense I'm not allowed to study. These seem as meaningless words.

I normally use to attend english class, I'm not a truant who is absent from english lesson everyday.
Today I take an important exam. My boyfriend says to me: I know that you'll pass it, good luck, your mark will be seven. I think he is crazy, this mark it's impossible for me... but with this words he makes me do it as well as I can. I'm allowed to be optimist.
I don't like learn english by heart, it's so hard and boring, and I'm very tired of doing in this way, this is not the right way.
I think that my subject report is good in general, however it's not the same to be a good student than to have a good mark, because you can be wrong about your study methods.

Now I need to stop to write to do my homework. I'm sorry about writing in english, if you can understand all the things I say, don't worry, only you must to find your old english books and revise it again and again, and then you'll can understand me.

I know that you like me start studding english so young, around five or six years, on primary school. How many years did you study english since that first time? the answer is around TEN YEARS if you have attend a secondary school.

Ok I finish, please wish me good luck

What do you think about this redaction?

2 comentarios:

darkangel dijo...

You write english very well :)
I did my english exam next thursday and I did very bad, bad, bad... but I recived a sorprise, my mark is 9,4 :)
You'll pass the exam very well.
I'm sure :)

Patry dijo...

Yes I have passed this exam!!